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We are based in Los Angeles, in Highland Park, California. The neighborhood offers  accessibility, safety, and easy parking in a welcoming atmosphere.

We are also guesting all over the USA, so please do not hesitate to mention in your email in which other cities you would like to book your appointment.



Sad Amish, created in 2016 through the artistic vision of Nicolas, initially revolved around his distinctive tattoo art. Nicolas, recognized for his unique style featuring mythical characters and romantic representations, earned a spot among the 22 Best Fineline Tattoo Artists by SavedTattoo. Over time, Alexandra joined as the manager, transforming Sad Amish into a fusion of art, clothing, and diverse creative expressions.


The designs and the tattoos are characterized by finelines silhouettes, who capture the essence of an emotion. Influenced by comics and manga with an interpretation of neo-traditional tattoo style, that Sad Amish transcribes in a more thin and realistic way.

You can discover more creations here


Discover the other art forms from Sad Amish : stickers, prints, canvas & accessories.

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